Thursday, October 24, 2013

A walk on the sunny side

I don't know about you, but the recent flurry of red versus blue political infighting brought to us by our elected officials just about drove me batty. It's so darn easy to get caught up in all the not-so-happy worldwide happenings that threaten our peace and sanity, just as it's not all that unusual to find ourselves over-dwelling on the big and little things that occur right in the personal backyards that we call life. Yes, it can all be a bit of a challenge from time to time.
But there's the thing.
I'd rather be happy.
I'd rather try to focus on the good things in life. Especially the little ones.
And believe me, there are plenty.
• Finding a five dollar bill in the pocket of a jacket that I haven't worn since last spring.
• Discovering there are still a few places where cell phones don't work.
• Hey, Twinkies are back.
• Christmas is coming.
• Not for a while, though.
• Long naps on rainy days.
• Short walks on sunny ones.
• The sound piles of fallen leaves make when you shuffle through them.
• Winning a contest you forgot you entered.
• My grandsons' plans for Halloween.
• Old guitars.
• Have you looked at the fall colors lately?
• Leftover meat loaf.
• Wearing that sweater she won't let me wear in public anymore.
• Getting an unexpected  post card in the morning mail.
• Old movies on at midnight.
• Going somewhere.
* Deep discount.
• New socks.
• Ignoring the alarm clock.
• Finding out the new book you've been waiting for is in at the library.
• Breakfast for dinner.
• Beatles songs from 1964
• Dessert.
• A bonfire in the back yard.
• Plenty of hot water when you're in the shower.
• Putting on jeans that are still warm from the dryer.
• Soup.
• Family.
• Love.
• God
Any questions?

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