Friday, May 28, 2010

Be A Looker

“Be a looker.”
I heard a friend of mine say that to her young son the other day as we were talking on the phone. It was just a simple bit of conversation between a busy mom and a boy regarding a misplaced spelling book he probably wasn’t all that anxious to find in the first place. And she’d probably be the first to deny any profundity in the statement.
But it stuck with me.
Because I think it’s good advice, whether you’re eight or eighty. And because I need to remember it, too.
Heck, it might even be a worthwhile tip for our many recent graduates, though, heaven knows, they’ve probably heard more than many chunks of wisdom over the past couple of weeks.
But think about it. Think about how much richer all our lives would be if we took time to look, instead of waiting to be shown all the amazing things--big and little alike--that wait all around us. Looking can be as simple as putting it all on pause once in awhile, whether it means taking the time to enjoy the soft spring air of an early morning before leaping headlong into the day, or watching and walking towards a brilliant, blue-gold sunset as that day comes to a close.
Be a looker.
Look for joy, look for love, look for sweet surprises of the most miniscule fashion, from simple acts of kindness to a chance to be kind ourselves. From a baby’s drooling smile to the warm knowing glances of long-time lovers.
I think it all comes down to this: We are so used to being spoon-fed everything we see, feel, hear and enjoy, that we forget to choose and discover our own visions, sensations, songs and delights.
It wasn’t always like this. There was a time, long before television and cell phones and internet connections. A time when the only reality show was life itself. Full of drama. Full of tears and laughter. Full of joy and sorrow. Full of life as it was meant to be experienced, shared, endured and enjoyed.
Be a looker.
Look for tiny miracles and big surprises. For those golden moments when life really shines, and for the long-lasting glow of true friendship and trust. For times that we catch the sweet smell of success and for all those other times, when we know we’ll be back to try and try, again and again.
Be a looker.
Look for love and for faith and a direction to take in a life with endless chances for our hearts’ one desire.
Dream about it. Look for it...and truly see it when it comes.
Be a looker.

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  1. Jane Elder, who is from your hometown, sent me a link to your blog. I love it. I am a looker! And I'm amazed at what other people do not see. I've always felt it was sort of a gift to be able to "see", really see the world around us. And it's a gift I'm so thankful for! Thanks for sharing your thoughts that are so closely alligned to mine.
    Janet Taber