Thursday, April 16, 2009

An Early Spring

We got back late Sunday night after a week spent with our younger son and his family in North Carolina. It was a great visit, featuring a lot of quality time with Patrick, Susan, Cyrus and young John, who decided his grandparents’ visit would be a good time to start walking in earnest. Though they’ve had a cooler spring than normal, it warmed up so we were able to enjoy a couple of trips to the beach, along with our usual sampling of the area’s excellent seafood along the shore.
And I got to wear my shorts.
Not that the sight of my winter-white legs was a special treat for anyone else, but I was more than glad to finally get to put on something other than winter clothing.
Then we came home.
Back to cold, wet weather and my dazzling collection of sweatshirts, sweaters and rain gear. Home from green grass, trees in full bloom and flowers bursting all around, to the sight of Star Courier shorts-wearing fashion leaders Rocky Stufflebeam and Mike Landis staring gloomily at the weather report.
Spring has, indeed, taken its own sweet time about coming around this year. And maybe that’s OK, because once it does, maybe it will stick around for good.

An Early Spring

An early spring is a wonderful thing
With grass turned green and birds that sing
I feel I can do anything,
When there’s an early spring.

My spirits start to readjust
Springtime things shake off their dust
And out-of-doors becomes a must
When there’s an early spring.

We find out what the snow has hid
And rake and pile and trim and rid
Our yards of all that winter did
When there’s an early spring.

From deep below, there comes a surge
As flowers from their rest emerge
And burst forth in a gaudy splurge
When there’s an early spring.

But here’s the thing, a springtime warning
You may wake up some early morning
To find the season is in mourning
When there’s an early spring

Winter hates to lose its grip
And likes to really let it rip
With snowy, blowy winds that whip
When there’s an early spring.

That’s when that season is the worst
And seems so evil and perverse
I swear I heard a robin curse
When there’s an early spring

But spring will finally win the fray
The April sun will have its way
And bring to us a glorious day
When there’s an early spring

The wonder of the springtime dance
As warms winds whisper of romance
God’s given us another chance
When there’s an early spring.

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